Bible Podcasts For Christians

If you’re looking for a good Bible podcast, a few great options are available. The first is “The D-Group Podcast.” This is an extension of the D-Group discipleship group, with dozens of locations on four continents. Tara-Leigh Schmitz founded the ministry in someone’s living room over ten years ago, and the results have been incredible. The podcast focuses on a variety of topics and is presented by pastors and theologians who have extensive backgrounds in the Bible and are committed to the mission of the D-Group.


Another podcast is “Bible in a Year,” hosted by Catholic priest Mike Schmitz. It’s available on iTunes and has risen to the top of the U.S. Podcast Charts two years in a row. The series has helped hundreds of thousands of listeners rediscover a biblical worldview. For more information, check out the website below. Besides the Olive Tree Bible Software, many other popular Bible podcasts are available to listen to.


One of the most popular Bible podcasts is called “The Bible in a Year,” hosted by Jonathan Strate. This show provides a weekly reading plan and reflections after the reading. Typically, this podcast is best enjoyed by listening to a Bible study group. In addition, Bible students and those with no prior knowledge of Greek or Hebrew can listen to it at home while doing their homework. The podcast “The Bible in a Year,” a Bible-based program created by Jeff Cavins and produced by the Ascension network, is ranked as the top Bible-related podcast on iTunes.


If you’re looking for a more structured approach to reading the Bible, you should consider an audio Bible podcast. With a few minutes of listening each day, you can “read” the Bible in a year. This podcast is ideal for people who have no time to read the whole thing in a month. The best way to enjoy this podcast is with a group. For the most part, it’s recommended to listen to it with a Bible study group.


The podcasts mentioned above are excellent choices if you’re a Christian. Many other podcasts are available, and a few of them are well worth checking out. For example, the 9Marks Bible software has a podcast featuring 365 daily readings of the Bible in a year. It’s a chapter-by-chapter commentary on Scripture and takes about 15 minutes per day. These episodes are not sermons, but they are informative and will help you learn about the text.


“The Unbelievable” is an audio Bible podcasts by a Christian who has read the Bible chronologically over ten years. The host discusses the language of the texts in context and offers valuable reflections after each reading. You can listen to the podcast alone or listen with your Bible study group. If you’re a Christian who wants to learn about the Bible, then this is a great podcast for you. It will also help you understand the story better and make sense of the Scriptures.