All About Slip-Reinforced Shoes

Slip-resistant shoes are often a requirement for certain employees in some industries. However, what exactly are slip resistant shoes? As the title implies, a slip-resistant shoe tends to prevent you from falling, sliding, or tripping on various surfaces while walking or running.

slip-resistant-shoesFor instance, in many workplaces, it’s necessary to have shoes for employees, especially in areas where there is heavy traffic, such as hallways and warehouses. Some types of non-slip footwear provide this type of protection with grooves on the bottom of the shoe. Others use a denser rubber-like material for their soles to provide more slip resistance.

The primary component is usually made out of rubber. Many other components may be included in a pair of slip resistant shoes. These include soles that include traction or counter traction grooves. The tongue of a shoe can have some anti-slip pattern as well. The rubber in these components helps give traction to your foot, preventing the slip onto the floor. Additionally, the rubber has added strength to it, which adds to the slip resistance.

There are two main types — a standard work shoe with a standard patterned tread and one with a special sole consisting of grooved patterns on the bottom. In a standard work shoe, the patterned tread provides the traction needed. A slip-resistant version of this shoe typically has grooved soles. In a shoe with a patterned sole, the pattern creates a raised pattern on the shoe’s bottom.

Slip-resistant shoes are designed with grooved soles that create friction between them and the floor. This causes slip-reaction, where the foot rolls without slipping. The grooves act as tiny channels through which friction flows. When you step on the sole and pressure the slip resistance, the channel flows with your foot’s motion, allowing slip resistance to taking place.

Some shoes have extra traction on their soles for added protection. These shoes are called slip-resistant work shoes. The most popular example of this type of footwear is those that construction workers use to help keep their feet from sliding on wet or slippery surfaces. There are many different types of slip-resistant shoes, although the most common ones are basketball shoes designed specifically to be worn on the court. They are available in both men’s and women’s styles.