Anxiety Blanket – Sleep With Comfort and Health

Anxiety blankets are specifically weighted blankets, sometimes also called gravity blankets, which have long been used by many hospitals and other therapeutic applications for many years. More recently, anxiety blankets have also become mainstream as individuals have come to realize the many advantages of using a weighted blanket in the comfort of their own home. It’s very important to note that an anxiety blanket is not an ordinary blanket that you would use to sleep on – it is a special blanket that helps promote a number of health benefits. This article will discuss a few of those benefits and why they’re worth considering using in your own home. For more information, check here.


One of the primary benefits of an anxiety blanket is the fact that it allows the body to relax and comfort itself at the same time. When a person sleeps, there are many activities happening within his or her body. Among those activities include heart rate, breathing, circulation, and muscle tension. A blanket can help alleviate the discomfort of these activities and actually promote relaxation. It’s thought that as a person sleeps, his or her body temperature changes, causing the muscle tension to stay in place instead of being eliminated as it usually happens. The blanket’s weight actually reduces that excess tension, allowing the person to fall asleep quicker and with more comfort. For more information, check here.


Anxiety Blanket - Sleep With Comfort and HealthAnother health benefit of the anxiety blanket is that it promotes a state of relaxation and sleep. Many types of anxiety attacks are actually brought on by an over stimulated sympathetic nervous system, which is what the blanket does. By providing a source of warmth and comfort, it encourages the body to relax. It may sound counterintuitive, but actually the more relaxed a person is while he or she is sleeping, the easier it is for that person to get over the symptoms of an attack, since the symptoms themselves cause the overstimulation. A good example of how this works is if you go to sleep and are suddenly awakened by an attack. If you were to stay asleep, you would experience the same feelings, which causes you to wake up and have another attack.


Many people who suffer from insomnia also experience panic attacks. They think that staying awake all night will only make their anxiety levels higher, and they will have another panic attack as a result. However, if they use an anxiety blanket during the day, they may actually find that they are sleeping more soundly. Since a major factor in both insomnia and panic disorder is high anxiety levels, this is a huge benefit as well. In fact, many researchers believe that insomnia, and panic disorder are caused in large part by high anxiety levels as well.


Of course, these anxiety blankets come in a variety of styles. There are some that are designed to be used as a bedtime ritual, to help wake up a child, and even to promote relaxation through relaxation and meditation techniques. Some are made to promote weight loss, which is often linked with a higher body weight. However, the best anxiety blankets are designed for both sleep disorders and for promoting general overall health and well-being. For more information, check here.