Occupational Therapy: What They Do

Occupational therapy (OT) is a medical specialty field that addresses the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disabilities found in the physical environment’s functioning. Occupational therapy has three main objectives: to assist patients in performing daily living tasks, to improve the function, safety, and productivity of patients who have limitations due to physical disabilities or chronic health problems, and to provide patients with independence and relief from pain. OT professionals are specially trained to offer comprehensive assessment and management of functional capabilities and any impediment that may limit work participation. OT is part of the healthcare team and is specifically trained to manage and coordinate all aspects of patient care. For more information, check over here.

occupational-therapy-adelaideOccupational therapy professionals use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help their patients and improve quality of life while decreasing healthcare costs and enhancing self-care. Occupational therapy Adelaide provides services in four key areas: clinical practice such as assessments, diagnosis, implementation, maintenance; research and study; and community health practice such as assessment, education, and counselling. Occupational therapists work in a medical setting that involves patients and families’ direct involvement and their caregivers to address the individual’s needs. OT professionals can assist in the assessment, development, and implementation of strategies that will maximize the patient’s independence and maximize recovery.

Occupational therapy involves using techniques to manipulate patients and their respective environments to teach, train, and exercise essential life skills. OT is an invaluable partner to the patient and his or her family. Occupational therapy provides services in various areas such as performing physical therapy to prevent injury or recurrence, managing acute injuries, improving function and mobility, and preventing conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and cerebral palsy. OT also helps patients deal with daily activities and symptoms of illness and injury through various modalities, including massage, physical, occupational, speech therapy, and primate studies. The goal of occupational therapy Adelaide is to help the patient achieve improved functional independence and enhance life quality through pain management. For more information, check over here.

The tasks and/or occupational therapists’ tasks may vary from case to case, depending on the patient’s situation and specific needs. Occupational therapists work with patients who experience movement, balance, coordination, posture, biofeedback, and other sensory processing disorders. Some may also work with patients who have difficulty bathing, eating, walking, and functional skills. In some situations, occupational therapy may include assisting individuals confined to beds, wheelchairs, and/or bed boards. Some therapists work in mental health clinics, military hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. For more information, check over here.