Silage Wrap – How to Make the Most of Your Investment

If you have a large silage or hay field to clean, your first step may be to consider using baling twine and corduroy to help you. These materials will work as a bale agent on silage and hay fields. They can also be used in a baling machine for the initial clean up of your field. If you are considering this method, you should look at both advantages and disadvantages to make the best decision for your situation. Baling twine and corduroy can work in a variety of situations, but they do have some limitations that you need to be aware of before deciding to use them.

The main advantage to using baling twine from is that it is very versatile for many different tasks you might have in the field. Baling can be done on large hay fields, on silage wrap, in the field after a fall, in the field after grass harvesting, and even on small bales. Baling can also be done on regular 1 mil 30 bales as well. You can easily do all of these tasks with regular 1 mil 30 bales.

baling-twineThe tear resistance of the material you choose is also important if you want your silage wrap to last for years. This is especially true if you are wrapping close to the ground like you might if you were planting seeds in a field. You will need something that is not only strong but has good tear resistance to resist a multitude of punctures over the years. You can get a great rating on tear resistance from many sources including fiberglass, galvanized steel, and polyester. Silage plastic is probably the best for all of these applications.

High-quality baling twine is the material of choice if you want to create a secure wrap. High-quality baling twine comes in both round and square bales, so you have plenty of options. It also can be custom sized for your specific needs and comes in both rope and woven styles. The best high-quality baling twine should come from reputable companies such as Strathwood Products and California Wire. These companies have been in business for many years, and their products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

As with any other coating, there are other materials to consider in your silage wrap project. You may want to look at using reflective white polyethylene tubing, which can provide greater UV protection and can be used in place of more costly reflective white sheeting. You may also want to look at applying a clear high-gloss UV protectant directly to the seed bags. This will provide you with greater UV protection, without detracting from the appearance of your finished project. With the right baling twine and the right care, your finished product will provide greater UV protection and a finished look that will outlast any other coating.